Drew is our SOLIDWORKS add-in for starting new 2D drawings blazingly fast.

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Not enough hours in a day to get your work done? We are here to help you automate.



We know SOLIDWORKS through and through and still learn something new every day.

About us

CAD Booster

Achieving more with the same people and SOLIDWORKS, that is the target of our smart and user-friendly software.

CAD Booster provides software and consultancy for the optimal use of SOLIDWORKS. We help you in your search for bottlnecks and help you remove them. Together we increase the productivity of your company and make the work of your engineers and suppliers more pleasurable.

  • Innovate

    Do what you do best and leave the rest to others. We can help you with software for SOLIDWORKS to speed up annoying, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

  • Structure

    Is the quality of your end product not always the same? Is there no consistent style maintained? We can apply structure to your engineering processes.

  • Automate

    Do you often perform the same tasks? We can improve the time needed for creating 2D drawings and export files significantly. Just let our software do the legwork.

  • 10+ years experience

    By now we have been working professionally with SOLIDWORKS for eleven years. We have used it do design products for months on end, so we know its qualities and quirks. We still learn more every day.

  • Macros

    We can speed up monotonous, yet strenuous tasks using custom SOLIDWORKS macros. Saving a couple of clicks about a hundred times a day feels awesome. We can also maintain and extend your current macro.

  • Add-ins

    Your employees will love an integrated SOLIDWORKS add-in to perform complex, repetitive tasks. We can combine knowledge of engineering and programming to create intelligent software that is easy to use.

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We think we are awesome, but what do our customers think?

"HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of bio-energy installations in Europe. CAD Booster developed a SOLIDWORKS add-in for us that can quickly copy, modify and export large batches of drawings. This add-in saves us two days per project."

"CAD Booster created a few SOLIDWORKS macros for us to make our workflow more efficient and to prevent errors. Peter discussed the requirements with our engineers and the end result is perfect. The collaboration with CAD Booster is constructive and fast."

More information

CAD Booster was founded by Peter Brinkhuis, a mechanical engineer interested in everything that has to do with engineering and entrepreneurship. He knows a lot about SOLIDWORKS and now helps engineers and companies with this knowledge.